Top 10 advantages of cloud-based email solutions.

  1. Worry-free cloud-based Email compared to in-house Email server: You will no longer need to think about hardware purchase, maintenance, Upgrades and no need to hire an in-house IT personnel to doing these activities.
  2. Cheaper and foreseeable Prices: Compared to having an in-house infra for email, Cloud-based solutions are considerably less costly in terms of hardware, server licensing and maintenance.
  3. Conveniently accessible: You can access your email using any device, anywhere and anytime as long as the internet connection is available.
  4. An assurance on better uptime service: Compared to local solutions, if you are subscribed to a cloud-based Email solution, power outages and hardware failures won’t be much of a problem and most the cloud-based email solution are providing 99.9 percent uptime. Email plays an important role in any business and Cloud email can full fill it.
  5. . Unlimited Storage: Unlike the in-house email, the cloud-based email solution does not limit space. It grows as the volume of your emails grows based on your subscription.
  6. Email is surely intact and safe: Most of the Cloud-based email providers are providing various security mechanism including multifactor/2-step verification to securing email account on the cloud. In the cloud-based email service, SPAM filters and email scanning features are inbuilt and using AI mechanisms to segregating the same.
  7. Better Archiving features: Gathers all emails from incoming, outgoing, internal and even deleted ones.
  8. Auditing and legal hold feature: Cloud email providers having the capability to hold the data for auditing and legal perspective easily.
  9. Easy Administration: Role-based rights can be assigned for administrators to managing the Cloud-based email admin panel.
  10. Cloud-based email can be integrated with most of the in-house applications.

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