Map OneDrive as a Network Drive in Windows

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage technology where you can upload and download your important data to and from your computer. it also allows you to sync files to your computer so that you can access them without the internet as well, but synchronizing of files also utilizes your hard drive space.

OneDrive can be also mapped as a network drive on your computer and it prevents utilizing your hard drive space for every file synchronization.

Steps to Map your one drive as a network drive.

OneDrive mapping required a CID number that is unique to every OneDrive account.
For CID number you need to sign in to your account

  1. Click on OneDrive.

2. Copy the CID number.

3. Open the File Explorer and Click on Map Network Drive.

04. In the Map Network Drive window, add this URL: CID no which you have copied ) in the folder path.

onedrive mapping

05. after adding CID with above URL it will prompt your OneDrive account and credentials


06. After verifying the credential details. It will be mapped in your system with a Z drive.

onedrive mapping


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