DNS Client Resolver Cache

DNS client Resolver Cache is a type of local cache which stores the DNS query results in a cache. For subsequent DNS queries, the client machine checks the local cache and finds the matching query entries. If it doesn’t find, it sends the query to their DNS server and stores the query result in a cache for later use.
Storing the query result in the DNS client resolver reduces the network traffic between DNS client and server and performs faster query resolution.


To Show DNS Client Resolver Cache value?

Open the Command prompt or Powershell and execute the below command. After executing this command we can see the list of DNS queries result of DNS Client Resolver Cache. We can also flush the DNS Client cache value by using ipconfig /flushdns command.

  • Command to view the Query results on client machine DNS cache

ipconfig /displaydns

  • Command to remove the DNS query results from the client machine.

ipconfig /flushdns

DNS Client resolver

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