Create a shared mailbox and add members

A shared mailbox facilitates the administrator to make a common mailbox for a group of people who can send and receive an email. For example, When a person in the group replies to a received email in a shared mailbox. It delivered as a shared mailbox email id, not from individual email accounts.

A shared mailbox can be created with 0365 GUI admin console or PowerShell command.

We will begin the shared mailbox creation with Powershell and GUI

PowerShell command syntax :

Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell with your admin credential and Enter below command:

New-Mailbox -Name “HRS” -Alias hrs –shared -PrimarySmtpAddress

This above command will create a Shared mailbox with HRS name and email address. You need to change your email address while entering the PowerShell command

A shared mailbox creation with the GUI Admin console.

Step 1: Open 0365 Admin console:

Step 2: Click on Shared mailboxes in the Groups Icon tab.

Step 3: Click on Add a mailbox

Step 4: Assign the name and email address and click Add.

Step 5: Shared mailbox has been created with the below message, now you can add members who can send and receive emails on this shared mailbox.

Step 6: Click on Add members and select users.

A Shared mailbox can take 60 minutes for the changes which we did while its creation.

A shared mailbox will be added in outlook with a Shared mailbox name.

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