Add an IPv4 Scope in DHCP Server 2019

A Scope is a range of IP addresses which will be assigned to DHCP client when they make a dynamic IP address request. A Scope can be added with a GUI method from DHCP management console or with PowerShell.

In this tutorial, we will learn to create IPv4 Scope after DHCP Role Installation.

Step 1. Open DHCP management console. Expand the Server

Step 2: Right click on IPv4 and click on New Scope

Step 3: Click on Next in New Scope Wizard.

Step 4: Assign a name to this scope. In my case, I have given VLAN 01. You can assign it as per your requirement.

Step 5: Enter your IP address Range with valid subnet mask.

Step 6: You can exclude ip addresses from Scope Range and click on Next

Step 7: Specify the Lease Duration

Step 8: Choose Yes, to configure all DHCP Options including IP addresses, Gateway, DNS, etc.

Step 9: Enter the Router(Default Gateway) address.

Step 10: You can specify the DNS servers for systems for Name resolution.

Step 11. Once all the above configuration is completed. put the check on Activate Scope and click on Next

Step 12: Click on Finish.

Step 13: You can check the newly created scope and their IP address range.

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